Our Hazard Identification Systems

Hazard Identification and Control is the start and the heart of all workplace safety programs. We’ll have a difficult time creating a safe work environment for our employees unless they become proficient at identifying dangers. First, employees need to be able to Identify Hazards before the hazards can be controlled or eliminated. Whether conducting a pre-job meeting, creating a JSA/JHA, filling out any Permit to Work, or participating in a Behavior Based Safety program,  it is imperative that we recognize the possible dangers.

A Hazard Identification message from our President and CEO Wayne LeBlanc

Traditional Method of Hazard Identification

Most people rely on their past experience as a guide when Identifying Hazards. What has happened before? Lacking a wealth of personal experience, some may defer to a more experienced worker for guidance.

Consequently, results may vary when deferring to someone else is our only means of identifying hazards.

Random Method = Random Results

Most workers routinely perform the same or similar tasks. Some say “I’ve been doing this my whole life … I know what to expect.”  As a result, these workers run the real risk of missing some of the everyday hazards that are present right here, right now.

Statistically Speaking ...

Furthermore, statistics show that most workplace accidents occur when workers are performing routine jobs. Hence, the everyday hazards, the ones most often overlooked, cause the most accidents and injuries. Armed with this information, it is understandable why we believe a random approach to Hazard Identification is a bad idea.

Targeted Approach to Hazard Identification - Like a Pizza

Many successful companies have found that a more targeted approach to Identifying Hazards improved their employees’ chances of returning home injury-free. A checklist of potential Hazards  provides workers an opportunity to decide which hazards are present at this moment, on this job.

A targeted approach is much like building a pizza. You scan a list of possible ingredients to determine which ingredients apply to the pizza you’re now building. You simply skip over the ones that don’t apply.

Creating a Targeted List

You can create a targeted list of potential Hazards from many sources: Hazards identified in your JSA’s; Hazards Identified by manufacturers of the equipment you use; Hazards Identified by engineers studying your procedures, etc. Most of all, the key is to get organized.

The S.O.S. (Spirit of Safety) Targeted System

The S.O.S. System is a targeted list of potential Hazards based upon the Ten Causes of Accidents.  It became apparent, after scouring hundreds of accident and incident reports and speaking with scores of Health and Safety professionals, that there were only ten major causes and contributing causes of accidents.

Our philosophy is quite simple. W C Safety provides a unique system of symbols to aid employees in searching for and controlling these Ten Causes of Accidents, thereby greatly reducing the chance of employee injury or equipment damage.

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