Welcome to W C Safety Systems, Inc.

Over the past 35 years our clients have been asking for assistance in addressing Hazard Recognition, JSA/JHA, Behavior Based Safety and Safety Meetings, which are all on the People Side of Safety. More recently they have asked us for Safety Consulting as well as ISNetworld and PEC Compliance Consulting.

We have developed Systems for each of the above components at our clients’ request. Today these Systems are also available to you. Scroll on down to have a look at what we’ve created.

A welcome message from our President and CEO Wayne LeBlanc

Hazard Identification and Control is the start and the heart of all workplace safety programs. Employees must be taught the skill to identify and mitigate Hazards.

Most Unsafe Actions are a result of poor situational awareness. An additional 10, 20 or 100 sets of eyes in the workplace will assist in making it safe for all.

A job Safety/Hazard Analysis is a step by step method for completing an activity safely. Employees break down the task and search for Hazards at each step.

Risk is a correlation between the probability that an accident/incident may occur and the severity if it does occur. This formula will determine if it is safe to proceed with the task.

A monthly Safety Meeting is an excellent tool to provide additional training to our employees. Sadly, many companies don’t take full advantage of this opportunity.

In today’s environment, contractors are asked for more and more information. We have been assisting our clients in compliance. This allows them to return to running their businesses. May we help you as well?