Tracking, Trending and Reporting of Data

Not using the data you have available doesn’t make sense. Each month your employees are telling you about their perception of Safety in your company. Why not listen?

But ... I Don't Have Time

You’re busy. We get that! You still want to see the data right? We can help. Our expert staff excels in supporting our partners administratively.

A Tracking, Trending and Reporting message from our President and CEO, Wayne LeBlanc

How It Works

Completed Observation Cards are turned in to your designated person at the end of each day. The Cards are collected, then shipped to our offices once or twice a month to be loaded into a custom database. Around the second week of the following month a detailed tracking report is sent out to you and anyone you wish to receive it. Simple, right?

Below is a Partial Sample of a Tracking and Trending Report

The categories from the Observation Card are listed on the left, followed by a column for each month’s data. By scrutinizing the data for consecutive months, it becomes easy to be proactive and spot trends and make adjustments before an accident occurs.

The Tracking, Trending, and Reporting add-on for our Behavior Based Safety System is an investment of only $65 per employee per year.