The Ten Causes of Accidents

The Ten Causes of Accidents?

After scouring hundreds of accident and incident reports, and interviewing scores of Safety Professionals, it became obvious that there were only Ten major causes and contributing causes of most accidents.

In other words, if there is an accident or incident it is almost certain that the cause or the contributing causes are contained in this list.

The S.O.S. (Spirit of Safety) System

Recognizing that these Ten comprise the causes to most accidents and incidents, it became obvious that this is a unique listing unto itself. Thus the most successful and most efficient method to accident prevention would be to seek out and control these Hazards before they can become accidents. This would improve Hazard Identification in Job Planning, JSA/JHA creation, Permit to Work systems and Behavior-Based Safety. Any situation where Hazards need to be Identified.

Symbol-Driven System

Our mind works in pictures rather than words. Think of a cow, you see the animal not the words c-o-w. We have assigned a symbol to each one of the Ten Causes of Accidents. We use Symbols such as a crane operator, a padlock, a hard hat, etc. This allows for the employees to easily remember the System while enabling instant recall. The easier we make it, the better chance that employees will use it.