Monthly Safety Meeting System

Why a Safety Meeting?

A monthly Safety Meeting is an excellent vehicle to continually upgrade our employees’ safety knowledge.  It can be difficult, while juggling workload and scheduling, to provide additional or ongoing training in how to create a safe workplace  A monthly Safety Meeting, when used correctly, can help to compensate for this difficulty.

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Safety Meeting Topics

First of all, choose the Safety Meeting topic with care. Rather than disjointed Safety Meetings, the topics should follow a pattern or process from one meeting to the next. There are times when a specific topic such as current trends or situations needs to be covered, but the overall process benefits from continuity.

Safety Meeting Presentation Methods

Presentation methods vary depending on the company and situation. Some companies assign an employee to select the topic, research and present it. This works if the employee, a supervisor or safety rep, has presentation skills. Otherwise, companies may purchase or rent a video. These are acceptable choices as long as there is logic or continuity to the process.

Additionally, companies must account for situations where employees work various schedules or locations. As a result, the same Safety Meeting may have to be conducted numerous times.

The S.O.S. Monthly Safety Meeting Video Series

W C Safety posts a 25 to 30 minute Safety Meeting on our website each month. The video may be viewed at any location worldwide, at any time. In order to maintain continuity, each month’s topic is one of the Ten Causes of Accidents.  Hence, the Safety Meeting becomes a tool to educate and reinforce Hazard Identification. This process creates quality JSA/JHA’s and improved observations for unsafe acts and unsafe conditions. In conclusion, it helps employees create a safer workplace for everyone.

Safety Tip of the Day Bonus

We developed the Safety Tip of the Day to reinforce the Safety Meeting content throughout the month.

For each calendar day of the month, a unique 25-second audio clip is created. The audio clip is delivered via smart phone or in a text format.

Each daily Safety Tip message supports the topic of that month’s Safety Meeting. 

Limited Time Offer - First Month Free

For a limited time, we are offering the first month of the subscription free of charge! As always, our Monthly Safety Meeting subscription may be cancelled at any time.

After your free month, a fee of $250 per month will be billed until you say stop.

The monthly Safety Meeting video is delivered via an internet link. It may be viewed multiple times by your employees at any location.