Our Story

How We Started

W C Safety was approached 35 years ago by the Safety Director of a major oil company. Safety training was traditionally dull and boring, or using scare tactics as motivation. The Safety Director’s vision was to make Safety Training interesting and fun, and as a result capture the attention of the employees. Our founders, Wayne LeBlanc and Janiene LeBlanc, embraced this vision of positive motivation. W C Safety succeeded in capturing the attention of employees, and helped to change the culture of safety training.

Attitude and Communications

Safety was not at the forefront of consciousness in the 70’s and early 80’s.  The challenge was how to change companies’ and employees’ attitudes toward Safety. Until this time, the subject of safety was often avoided.

W C Safety focused on the People Side of Safety instead of regurgitating a list of rules and regulations. We created a motivational program including “Developing the Proper Attitude,” “Recognizing our Self Worth” and “How to Improve Communications.” This created fertile ground for companies to cover their specifics. It proved to be a successful joint effort.

Phase II

Our company was approached in the mid 90’s by another large company with a specific challenge. They needed to improve their JSA process. Their employees were finding the big, obvious Hazards, but they were overlooking the everyday Hazards, the ones that cause most accidents. The problem was that if the Hazards weren’t Identified, they couldn’t be controlled or eliminated.

The challenge for us was to develop a system whereby ALL Hazards would be recognized.

The Ten Causes of Accidents

We needed a system to help employees recognize Hazards, especially the everyday Hazards. We reviewed hundreds of accident reports and talked with scores of HSE Managers. It became obvious to us that there were ten major causes and contributing causes of most accidents.  Thus, we called them the Ten Causes of Accidents.

Our logic then and now is quite simple. Identify and control the Hazards before they become accidents, using these Ten Causes. The Ten Causes of Accidents is the cornerstone of all of our Safety Systems today.