ISNetworld, PEC Compliance

ISNetworld Compliance, PEC Compliance and others, are taking owners away from running their businesses and building profits. In addition, contractors are required to provide more and more information to their customers through data collection companies.

A compliance message from our President and CEO Wayne LeBlanc

What Do You Need?

Following are some of the requirements placed upon companies completing the information questionnaires.

  • A Safety Management System
  • Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Manual with Specific Policies
  • OSHA logs
  • Experience Rate Modifiers (EMR) documentation
  • Insurance/Workers Comp documentation
  • Training Documentation
  • Behavior-Based Safety Program Documentation
  • JSA/JHA Program Evidence
  • Completion of the questionnaire (may exceed 1000 questions)
  • Comply with Hiring Client’s Specific Requirements
  • Manage Weekly, Quarterly and Annual Compliance

How We Can Help

  • W C Safety is a full-service Safety Consulting Company that has been serving our clients for over 35 years. (Please refer to “Our Clients” page.)
  • We have worked with hiring companies as well as with contractors.
  • Our core principle is to provide uncommon service to our partners.
  • We had been servicing our partners for years prior to ISN® and PEC® beginning operations. Our services have grown commensurate with the ever-increasing reporting requirements.
  • We not only help our partners to get set up initially, but we also maintain weekly, quarterly and annual compliance

If you would like to find out more specific information about logistics, specific services, etc. please click the link below and we will get the information right back to you. Of course, this is without any obligation.

If you’re ready to get started, please click the link below. The initial set-up fee is $1200 and the monthly fee varies depending upon complexity. As always, you may cancel at any time.